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Chapter 5: This Moment Is All

But the Hindu trinity is far more sophisticated. The Hindu trinity consists of three faces of God. The God is one but he has three faces, hence the Hindu trinity is called trimurti - three faces of God. One is Brahma, the creator; the second is Vishnu, the maintainer; and the third is Shiva, the destroyer. These are the three aspects of existence: things are created, maintained for a while and then destroyed. And all processes of creation maintenance and destruction are divine; these are the three faces of God.

Nothing is wrong about destruction. Destruction follows creation out of necessity, just as day follows night, night follows day. No other religion of the world has the idea that one day the whole existence will disappear, except the Hindu vision. Hindu vision has this idea that one day the world was created, and anything that is created has to disappear one day. So creation and dissolution: sooner or later, the whole universe will be dissolved back into nothingness. Just as a child is born and then one day he dies, the whole creation will disappear one day.

Now physicists will agree more with the Hindu idea than with the Christian trinity. They have discovered black holes, and black holes are nothing but the possibility from where things disappear into nothingness. And now they are discovering white holes - the other aspect of the black hole - from where things appear out of nothing.

Shiva is the god of destruction, god of death, but even a god of death is created, projected by human mind, and human mind is after all human. You can create beautiful philosophy but something of you is bound to be projected in it.

Shiva’s wife, Parvati, died. Now he is the god of destruction, death, but he could not accept the death of Parvati. You see the human element? He took the dead body of his wife, carried her on his shoulders for twelve years around the country in search of a physician. There may be someone - who knows? - a magician, a physician, a miracle man who will revive her. He loved her so much.

Now you cannot carry a dead body for twelve years. The body became rotten, it started falling into pieces. Somewhere the hand fell, somewhere the leg fell - that’s how the Hindu sacred places were born. Wherever any part of Parvati fell, one sacred place was born. So there are twelve most sacred places in India. Those places are just graveyards of parts of Parvati. Unless the whole dead body disappeared.Shiva carried her in search of somebody who can do a miracle and revive her.

Man does not want to believe in death, hence he creates all kinds of stories about miracles. When Buddha dies his religion dies; it is bound to be so. He was the soul of it. Now you can carry the ritual. And remember always, it is the man that matters, not the method - never the method, but the man - as far as religion is concerned.

In science it is totally different: the method matters, not the man. Edison may die, that does not matter, but whatsoever methods he has discovered will go on working. They are still working. Einstein has died, but his methods will work; as long as better methods are not found his methods will remain valid. And better can be found only on the foundation of his methods. Without his methods, the better methods cannot be found.

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