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Chapter 11: The Failure of Revolution

And you cannot conceive the inhumanity of man to man. The day Stalin’s assassins reached Trotsky’s house.he had already left the Soviet Union just a few hours before. They found only his dog in the house, and it seems almost unbelievable, but Stalin ordered the dog to be assassinated immediately - just a mad mind corrupted by power. And he sent professional murderers to find where Trotsky was, he had to be killed - he could not be left alive anywhere in the world.

And Trotsky had escaped to an unknown part of Mexico, far away from the Soviet Union, at the other end of the world. But they finally found him, and he was brutally murdered by being hit on his head repeatedly with a hammer. His whole skull was broken into pieces.

He was writing a biography of Joseph Stalin so future generations would know that just to change the people in power is not enough - Stalin had proved to be far worse than the Czars. It is a big volume, almost one thousand pages; and a rare biography written by an enemy, so sincere, so truthful. When he was hit on his head from behind with a hammer, he was just finishing the last line of the biography. His blood is on the last pages of the book. The book is still kept in some museum in Mexico, his handwritten book with his blood on it.

All the other leaders who had been the great revolutionaries were killed, one after another, because these people were dangerous. They were still talking about revolution, and Stalin recognized the fact that no revolution was possible. It was good to talk about it before the revolution, but now that the responsibility has fallen on your own shoulders, you have to forget all about revolution. You have to establish yourself and your party in power with such force that nobody can destroy your power.

There is a beautiful story.. When Stalin died and Khrushchev became the prime minister, his first speech was to the highest inner circle of the Communist Party, called the Presidium. While he was speaking, he said, “Now I have to confess that Stalin was one of the greatest criminals. He knew only one thing: either you are for him or you are his enemy. And for the enemy, there is nothing other than death.”

Somebody in the back of the auditorium shouted, “You have been with him for all these forty years. Why did you remain silent?” Khrushchev laughed and said, “I would like the honorable comrade to stand up, so that I can see who is raising the question.”

Nobody stood up, and Khrushchev said, “Do you understand? If anybody stands, tomorrow he will be dead. After tomorrow, he will never be heard of again anywhere in the universe. I was also in a similar position.”

The whole country became a concentration camp. And they have used methods against human beings which have never been used by any other government or any other power. First, they would make an arrest if there was any suspicion.if a man had talked to someone against the Communist Party, against the government; or he had written a letter to someone indicating a slight difference with the Communist Party - he would be arrested immediately.

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