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Chapter 17: Love Is a Very Unscientific Idea

Those people had no use of a runway; unless an airplane was descending or taking off, those runways are useless. And those runways have been measured and it has been found that that length is absolutely necessary only if a flying machine is being used.

But what happened to all these scientific developments? It is significant to understand that it was a conscious decision to drop all scientific development because it was going against life. It was going against consciousness, it was going against humanity, it was going against nature.

It was a conscious decision after the Mahabharat war in India, five thousand years ago, that these arenas of science should be closed - because science is not a value in itself. Unless it serves life, unless it makes you more enriched, there is no need for so many human beings and so many geniuses to be involved in it.

It was a conscious decision. But who can make this conscious decision? That’s why I have been telling you again and again that humanity can be saved only if there are enough conscious people in the world, people who are not Christians, not Hindus, not Americans, not Russians, who are simply conscious, and can create a climate of consciousness around the earth and an awareness that science should be subservient to human values.

Man is not the servant of science, but the master.

And human values should decide whether a certain scientific project is worth going into or not.

For example, when Albert Einstein wrote the letter to President Roosevelt about making the atom bomb, if President Roosevelt had any consciousness of human values he would have refused, knowing that this plaything, this atom bomb, could become the ultimate danger to humanity that it has become. Neither Roosevelt nor Albert Einstein had that consciousness.

Albert Einstein certainly repented later on when Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were burned through atomic explosions. Within seconds hundreds of thousands of people simply evaporated. It was a shock to Albert Einstein because it was his letter that triggered the whole process; he was responsible. Roosevelt was no longer the president, the president was Truman, and you cannot find.strange, you cannot find a more untrue man, but names are strange - just the opposite.

When Truman was asked the next morning, “Could you sleep? - because Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been burning. One hundred thousand people in Nagasaki, one hundred and twenty thousand people in Hiroshima have died. Could you sleep? - because it was your decision to drop the bomb.”

He said, “I slept the best I have ever slept, because so many worries had been there, but in my dropping that bomb, all the worries finished. I slept beautifully.” Can you say this man has any awareness of what he is saying, what he is doing?