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Chapter 6: Sannyas Is for Lions

I also know them. Once I was talking on Krishna in a meeting, and people were sitting with their backs towards me, talking with each other, gossiping - their backs towards me! That was the last day, the last straw on the camel. In the middle I left. The president of the meeting said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I am going forever! I am finished with these stupid people. I am talking about Krishna, they have invited me to talk to them, and nobody seems to listen.”

That Indian journalist must have seen many, many such meetings. So, seeing three thousand people sitting silently here, nobody stirring, nobody talking with each other, it was natural to conclude that it was just to impress him.

When I was leaving that day, I saw two persons sitting here who looked absolutely out of place. And when I bowed down to you, they did not respond. Now, if many such people are here around me, nonresponsive, I will not be able to pour out my heart; it will be impossible.

Hence that green line. If you want to cross it, the doors are not closed. But don’t ask for anything without being really ready to pay for it. And as many, many more sannyasins will be coming, only those who are really dedicated and committed, only they will be able to sit close.

And I understand your problem. To sit close, to be near to me, has its own blessing. The contact goes deeper, the vibe permeates you more totally, because it is not only a matter of the questions that I am answering or the words that I am using. Basically it is my presence; you have to drink it and you have to digest it.

But I am sorry, I cannot do anything about it. Non-sannyasins are bound to remain second-class citizens here.

The last question:

Another discourse, another silly question. Why do you refer to your sannyasins as -the chosen few- when any lost soul who can make it to Pune with a willingness to participate in some trendy gestalt-oriented therapy groups and do some meditating, can apparently take sannyas? Who ever gets refused sannyas and on what grounds? P.S.: Bob Dylan says, -I never got into any of them guru trips. I never felt that lost!-

Dick Blackburn, nobody is ever refused, no Tom, Harry or Dick. That does not mean that all are accepted. Nobody is ever refused, that’s true, but that does not mean that all are accepted. Only those who surrender are accepted. Only those who are utterly committed are accepted, who have fallen in love with me, who can trust, and whose trust is unconditional and absolute. They are accepted.

Sannyas is not denied to anybody, because sannyas is an opportunity. A few people surrender even before taking sannyas, a few surrender after taking sannyas, a few surrender after being sannyasins for months or for years. Hence sannyas is not denied; it creates a space, a context, for surrender.