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Chapter 2: Personal and Existential

If you can trust you remain open. People become closed as a defense measure so that nobody can deceive them or take advantage of them. Let them take advantage of you! Just think of the beauty of it. Let them take advantage, but if you insist on going on trusting, then a beautiful flowering happens, because then there is no fear.

The fear is only that people will deceive, but once you accept that, there is no fear, so there is no barrier to your opening. The fear is more dangerous than any harm anybody can do to you. This fear is a poison and can poison your whole life. So remain open, and just trust innocently, unconditionally.

I’m not saying that nobody will deceive you or take advantage of you. They will, that is accepted, but it is worth it. You will laugh at their foolishness, and that they could not destroy your trust. You trust somebody’s humanity so tremendously that it is irrelevant what a person does. You trust them ultimately, so what they do doesn’t make any difference.

You will flower, and you will help others to flower once they become aware that they have not been deceiving you a bit, but that it is themselves they have deceived. You cannot go on deceiving a person endlessly if he continues to trust you. His very trust will throw you back to yourself again and again.

Just watch it, allow it, and enjoy it. Cherish the very idea of trust, and then there is no need for any God. People say: “Trust in God.” I say trust is God. It is not that people have lost their trust in God. They have lost their trust - and that is why they have lost their God. Trust is god. It is not a question of trusting some power called “God.” Trust itself is divine. So, good!