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Chapter 13: The New Man: Intellect in Harmony with the Heart

I am not saying that you have to become convinced, I am saying you will become convinced. Even against your own mind, in spite of your whole doubting, skepticism, inquiry, when the truth comes as a revelation, all doubts, all disbeliefs, simply disappear like shadows You have brought light in, the shadows start disappearing; they never existed.

So only the man who knows can have the guts to say to you, “Doubt me, question me.”

There is one question that a sannyasin has asked: “Osho, before, you used to talk about the beautiful way of trust, love, the way of the heart. Now your emphasis seems to be more on reason, questioning, skepticism, intelligence. Has your work changed or is it a new phase of your work?”

No, it is not a new phase, it is just the other side of the first. I was teaching about trust because you had come from a world which knows nothing of trust. You had come from a world which has trained you intellectually and tried to deny you the existence of your own heart, to deny that feeling is also a way of knowing.

I was talking about trust so that I could open the new door of the heart. Without opening the door of the heart I cannot say to you, “Doubt, be skeptical,” because then I am sending you on a dangerous path which leads nowhere. It is a little complex but try to understand.

A man who knows nothing about feeling, nothing about trust, who has never experienced anything like love - his heart has never jumped with joy, danced with joy in someone’s presence - that man can go on doubting, but he will not find the answer because his doubt will be very shallow. He will not trust his own doubt. His inquiry will be just so-so. He will not trust his own inquiry - he knows nothing of trust.

Inquiry will need trust because you will be going into the unknown. It will demand tremendous trust and courage because you are moving away from the conventional and the traditional; you are moving away from the crowd. You are going into the open sea, and you don’t know whether the other, further shore exists at all.

I could not send you into such an inquiry without preparing you to have trust. It will look contradictory, but what can I do? - this is how life is.

Only a man of great trust is capable of great doubt.

A man of little trust can only doubt a little.

A man of no trust can only pretend that he doubts. He cannot doubt.

The depth comes through trust - and it is a risk.

Before I send you into the uncharted sea, I have to prepare you for this immense journey on which you will have to go alone - but I can lead you up to the boat. That’s what I was trying to teach you - about the beauty of trust, the ecstasy of the way of the heart - so when you go into the open ocean of reality you will have courage enough to keep on going. Whatever happens you will have trust enough in yourself

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