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Chapter 3: Witnessing the Inner Astronomy

Yoga is just the opposite process of synthesizing, of joining and joining and joining, so you come to the total. The total is one.

The mind is also divided into the sun mind or moon mind. The sun mind is scientific; the moon mind is poetic. The sun mind is analytical; the moon mind is synthetical. The sun mind is mathematical, logical, Aristotelian; the moon mind is totally different - illogical, irrational. They function so differently that there exists no language between them.

A gypsy was having a quarrel with his son. He said to the boy, “You lazy, do-nothing idler! How many times shall I tell you that you should work and not let your life pass in indolence? How many times shall I tell you that you should learn juggling and clowning so that you can enjoy your life?”

Then he raised his finger in threat, saying, “By God, if you don’t listen to my words anymore, I will throw you in a school; then you will gather lots of stupid knowledge, become a learned man, and spend the rest of your life in want and misery.”

That’s a gypsy mind - moon mind. A gypsy thinks: become a wanderer, be a clown, but enjoy. And the gypsy says, “I will throw you in a school so that you will gather all sorts of stupid knowledge and become a learned man - and then your whole life will be wasted. You will live in misery.”

Try to see where you are: in the sun mind - rational, arguing, argumentative, logical; or in the moon mind - poetic, imaginative, dreaming. Where are you?

And remember, both minds are half-half. One has to go beyond both. If you are in the sun mind, come to the moon mind first, because the way passes through that. If you are a householder, first become a gypsy.

That’s what sannyas is. I make you gypsies, wanderers. If you are too logical, I say trust, surrender, sacrifice, submit. If you are too argumentative, I say to you I have no argument, just look at me, and fall in love - if you can. It is a love affair. If you can trust, you will shift your energy from the sun to the moon.

Once you shift your energy from the sun to the moon, then there opens a new possibility: you can go beyond the moon also. Then you become a witness. That is the goal.

Enough for today.