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Chapter 32: Life Consists of Small Things

Love is a constant struggle, a fight; it demands.

“I love you,” means, “You have to love me too. In fact, I love you only because I want you to love me.” It is a simple bargain; hence the fear: “You should not love anybody else. Nobody should love you, because I don’t want anybody to be partners in my love, to be sharers in my love.”

The unconscious mind of man goes on thinking as if love is a quantity, that there is a certain quantity of love. If I love you, then you should possess the whole quantity. If I love a few other people, then the quantity will be distributed, you will not get the whole of it; hence the jealousy, the spying, the fighting, the nagging. And all that is ugly goes on behind a beautiful word, love.

In trust there is no question of any fighting. It is really a surrender. When you say, “Osho I trust in you,” it means, “From this moment my fight with you stops. Now I am yours; you can do whatever you want. You can kill me, but I will not resist because I am no longer there - I have given myself to you. Now it is up to you: whatsoever you feel right, do it.”

And trust is not competitive; hence there is no jealousy. You can trust me, millions of people can trust me. In fact, the more people will trust me, the more you will be happy. You will be rejoicing that so many people are trusting.not so with love.

But in trust, all that is beautiful in love is implied. The moment you say, “I trust in you, Osho,” you have also said, “I love you.” But now, because of the trust, the “I” is no longer existent, only love. And love without the ego creates no problems: “Many people can love you, and the more people love you, the more I will be happy.” But this is because of trust.

Trust is perhaps the most beautiful word in the human language. Trust is so close to truth that if it is total, then this very moment your trust becomes your truth, a revelation, a revolution.

This weekend there is a big sannyasin festival in Florence with dance and meditation and music. Is your heart with all these thousands of sannyasins?

In the first place, there are not going to be thousands of sannyasins there, for the simple reason that the people who are organizing it are no longer with me. They are trying to cheat the sannyasins. Only three hundred sannyasins have booked for it, and the organizers are declaring it to be the first world festival since the last one in the commune in Oregon, America.

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