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Chapter 17: I Am This!

If you have deep trust and if you are ready to open your eyes into the unknown at the hint of your master, the matter is over.

Marpa, an amazing monk of Tibet, has said, “I never meditated, I never made any effort, I did only one thing: I trusted my master.”

The story of Marpa is very interesting. When he came to his master he said, “I have come prepared to trust you.”

The master asked him, “Is this trust total?”

Marpa replied, “I have never heard that trust could also be fragmentary - how could that be?”

If there is trust it is total, otherwise it is not there. Let this be properly understood.

Some people say, “We have a little trust.” They do not know what they are saying. Trust cannot be in parts. If you say to somebody, “I have a little bit of love for you” - what does it mean? Or if you say, “I speak a little bit of truth” - what does it mean? A little bit of truth?

These things are indivisible, nobody can divide them. Either there is trust or there is not. A little bit means none. But you are not even honest enough to accept that you have no trust so you say, “I have a little bit.”

Marpa said, “Trust is always complete. I have not heard of incomplete trust. I have trust.”

So his master said, “Then jump off the cliff into this valley in front of us.”

Marpa immediately ran and jumped into the valley. The master became anxious that one life was unnecessarily lost. He had not thought that Marpa would jump. The master and all his disciples ran down into the valley and saw Marpa sitting in deep meditation at the bottom of the cliff.

The valley was very deep and frightening, and there was no possibility of surviving after the fall - but Marpa did not have even a scratch on his body. The master thought that probably it was a coincidence: some other test would have to be taken.

There was a house on fire and the whole village was running towards it. The master went with Marpa, and he asked Marpa to enter into the raging fire. Marpa ran into the fire, he ran deep inside the house, and there he sat in meditation. The whole house was reduced to ashes. The master and his disciples thought Marpa must also have been burned to ashes. When the fire was extinguished they went inside; there was Marpa sitting amidst smouldering ashes. He had not been touched at all by the fire. The master then asked him, “What is this trick you have done? What is the power you have that you can do all this?”

Marpa replied, “Power? All I have is trust in you.”

Then the master asked him to walk on water. He walked on the water too. The master then thought, “When Marpa can do such miracles in my name, what is there that I cannot do?” So the master tried to walk on water and started drowning!

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