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Chapter 21: Dashing towards Your Essential Reality

And when the lion roars, you know he has power. You are getting hypnotized, but this hypnosis is of no use; it is a kind of intoxication. When you go back home to meet your family of camels there, you may start doubting whether you have really seen camels turning into lions. Your logical mind will say it is absurd: how can a camel become a lion? There is no way from being a camel to become a lion. Lions are born out of other lions, they are not born out of camels.

It is because of this logical training of the mind that Hindus don’t believe in converting anybody, Jews don’t believe in converting anybody. In fact, for centuries Hindus have kept their doors closed. They say a Hindu has to be born from other Hindus.

There is no way that a Mohammedan can become a Hindu; it is simply impossible that a Christian can become a Hindu. In fact, even within the Hindu fold there are four castes; nobody can move from one caste to another. A sudra is born a sudra, and he will die a sudra - he cannot become a brahmin. A warrior, a kshatriya, is destined to remain a kshatriya, - he cannot become a brahmin. The brahmin is the highest caste. Brahmins are born, not converted.

Jews also, for centuries, have believed that they are the chosen people of God. Now, it is up to God to make somebody a Jew. How can you convert anybody? - it is not within your power. And you are a superior race. Now, how can you change a man belonging to an inferior race? You cannot change his blood, you cannot change his bones, you cannot change his marrow, you cannot change his soul.

These are the two most ancient religions. Both have denied conversion. New religions, of course - Christianity, Mohammedanism, Buddhism - have to convert people; otherwise, from where are they going to get numbers, congregations? If a Buddhist is only to be born from Buddhists, where are the Buddhists? Conversion is the idea of new religions to expand their empires.

Back home you will start thinking perhaps you hallucinated here, perhaps you were hypnotized: you saw things which don’t happen in the natural course of things. Camels are born camels and die camels. So you start suspecting, doubting; your clarity is gone.

And it is impossible for a lion to become a child. Perhaps a camel may manage - camels are cunning and clever, very political and diplomatic. The camel may go through plastic surgery, he may go to Leeladhar and let himself be transformed into a lion. But even plastic surgery will not be able to make a child out of a lion. This is a bigger gap.

Animals - camel and lion both, howsoever different in shape - were animals, they belonged to the same category. But the child is not an animal. The jump is from animal to human being - and not an ordinary human being, but innocent, awakened, pure of heart, full of trust. No plastic surgery can do that, so you must have dreamed it.

Back home amidst camels and their scholars and their logicians, you will feel yourself stupid even to say that you have seen lions, that you have seen the child being born as a transformation of the lion. Nobody is going to believe you, they will think you have gone nuts.

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