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Chapter 12: Thou Art That

This is why I don’t say that today’s humanity lacks trust: I say that only the objects of his trust have changed, that’s all. He does trust. If someone says that a certain man is good, doubt arises; if someone says that a certain man is a sinner, immediately you trust - immediately! But your trust is not missing, it is there.

Your trust arises immediately for the wrong reasons, and there is a reason for this. As soon as somebody condemns anyone, knowingly or unknowingly, he is praising you. Hence, skilled manipulators choose the easiest and the most sure way to flatter you: they condemn the people who have hurt your ego. They are skilled at flattering. In this way they are not saying directly that you are great, they are only saying that other people are smaller than pygmies - and all of a sudden you become great!

A man who tells you directly that you are great does not know the secrets of manipulation. A man who tells you straight that you are great will make you feel a little suspicious: “Is this man pulling some trick?” But if he is an expert he will never tell you that you are great; he will tell you that others are idiots and indirectly make you feel great. This man is skilled, and if any real mischief happens, this is the man who will manage it.

You have so much interest in condemning and slandering others. You have a great interest in saying that others are wrong. You have a great interest in proving that others have made a mistake. All interests of this kind will come to an end. If you see that you also are tricky, that this whole mess, this chaos all around you is your responsibility; if you see that you are part of this insanity, of all these sicknesses and perversions, then your ego cannot survive. Then there will be no place for your ego to hide.

And where there is no ego, there the divine is. And where the divine is, ego is not.

Brahman is the nucleus of all worldly activities in the waking, dream and sleep states. I am this brahman: knowing this, one is freed from bondage.