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Chapter 6: You Can’t Corner a Madman

I am absolutely absurd. I am not a philosopher - maybe a mad poet, a drunkard. You can love me, you cannot follow me; you can trust me, you cannot imitate me. Through your love and trust something tremendously valuable will be transferred to you. It has nothing to do with what I say; it has something to do with what I am. It is a transmission beyond the scriptures.

So never in my life have I been cornered. It is impossible - you cannot corner a madman.

The second question:

Kindly explain the relative importance of intellect, intuition, and pratibha in their proper perspective. Pray, specially explain why and how life should be pratibha-oriented and how only such an orientation is adequate for life and life’s evolution at its highest and best.

The intellect is the lowest functioning of your being, but because it is the lowest, it is the most efficient; because it is the lowest, it is the most developed. Because it is the lowest, it can be educated, disciplined; because it is the lowest, all the universities, colleges, schools, exist for it. And every man has it more or less.

It is tremendously useful in the outer world. Without intellect it will be difficult for you to be of any utility. That’s why Lao Tzu says to his disciples, “Become useless.” Unless you are ready to become useless you will not be ready to leave intellect behind, because intellect gives you utility. You become a doctor - you become useful to society: you become an engineer; you become a professor - this and that. It is through intellect that you become somebody and the society can use you - and the society can use you as a means. The more utility you fulfill, the more society values you; hence, the hierarchy - the brahmin, the kshatriya, the vaishya, the sudra.

Highest is the scholar, who is pure intellect - the brahmin. Lower than him is the warrior, the kshatriya, because he has to protect the country. Lower than him is the businessman, because he is the whole blood-circulating system of the society - he is the economics, the belly. And the lowest is the sudra, the untouchable, the proletariat, because his work is manual, menial, and not much intellect is needed. The sudra needs the least development of intellect and the brahmin needs the highest development of intellect, but the whole division is because of intellect.

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