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Chapter 18: Every Desire Creates Conflict

What is peace for the rebellious man?

Peace is, for the rebellious man, his very light. It is his very aroma, his fragrance, the harmony of his heart, his at-oneness with existence. All conflicts of the mind are just memories of the past. The mind is no longer divided, split or schizophrenic. The mind has become an organic unity.

The ordinary man who has not tasted rebellion or religion - which to me are equivalent - is a house divided against himself. He is continuously fighting within and without. He is fighting for money, for power, for prestige, for respectability. His outside life is nothing but power politics. It is a continuous, ongoing warfare that ceases only when he stops breathing.

The inner scene is not much different either, because the outer and the inner cannot be much different. They are part of one individual - the outside and the inside. Inside he is struggling against nature - his own nature, his own instincts, which some so-called wise men have condemned. He is blindly following their condemnation without any understanding of his own. Fighting with his own nature, he becomes crippled.

The man who is fighting against his instincts - that is his body - is bound to fight against his intuition, which is his very soul. The man who cannot find peace with his body cannot hope to find peace with his soul, because to find peace with the body is simple; to find peace with the soul is more subtle, more invisible.

Man is fighting with his full force against every inclination that existence has given to him - against his love, against his longing for truth - because the traditions go on teaching him, “You need not search for truth; it has already been found. You simply believe in it.”

From your side, any search is a sign of revolt. You simply have faith - faith in Jesus Christ, faith in Mahavira, faith in Gautam Buddha - but never faith in yourself.

All the religions are agreed on one point: that you should not trust yourself. You should be constantly conscious and alert against yourself. They have made you an enemy of yourself; hence, every moment a subtle underground struggle and conflict goes on within you. There is neither peace inside, nor is there peace outside.

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