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Chapter 9: Scratching the Shoe

You call a flower “rose,” in India we call it gulab. It does not matter. In six thousand languages, there are six thousand names for the rose. And the rose has no name; all names are inventions. You believe, it becomes a rose. You believe in another word, it becomes gulab. But all words are just conveniences.

Truth is not a convenience. Convenience adjusts with you; with truth you have to adjust. Remember that difference. Convenience is for your use; truth you cannot use. If you want to move with truth, you have to move with truth - truth cannot move with you.

There are two kinds of people in the world. One, who wants truth to follow him. This man will never attain to truth. He thinks that truth should follow him, truth should become his shadow. This man is more interested in his own ego than truth. When this man fights and says, “This is true,” he is not interested in truth. He is really saying, “This is my truth - how dare you say it is wrong! “

Watch it. If I say something against your truth you get angry. Not that you are getting angry because I am saying something against truth, no. It is your truth; it hurts your ego. If something is said against your truth, the hurt is in the ego - you don’t bother about truth. Who cares about truth? “My Christianity, my Hinduism, my Jainism, my Islam. My Koran, my Veda, my Gita, my Bible” - they hurt. The “my” has to be looked into. You may not say it, but when you say, “The Bible is true,” one thing is understood - that “The Bible is my holy book.” That is not said so clearly, there is no need. Ego moves in very cunning ways - it never comes on the surface, it remains hiding behind.

When people argue, they are not arguing for truth. Truth needs no argument - because truth cannot be decided by any argument or any discussion. No debate can be decisive; it is meaningless. When you argue, you argue for egos - your truth and somebody else’s truth. Two egos are in conflict, you have to prove that you are right. Even if sometimes you have a glimpse that the other is saying the right thing, you cannot accept it. Many times it happens. You have a consciousness - many times a glimpse comes to you that maybe the other is right. But you cannot allow this, you cannot conceive of this - that will be very bad for your ego. You have to fight for it.

I used to live in a town for a few years, and I had a neighbor - a very interesting man he was. He was a very fanatic Hindu, and he would come and argue with me for hours. And I could see that he could see what I was saying, I could see that he had understood what I was saying - but still he would argue. Then one day I was surprised. He was talking to somebody else, and he was saying the things that I had been saying to him just that morning.

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