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Chapter 17: Criminals Are Always Cowards

Did she do well when she appeared on television? Were you pleased with her performances?

No, never.

Why not?

She was never assertive the way I wanted her to be. To be assertive does not mean to be hostile. There is a very fine demarcation line between the two.

To be hostile is not the right thing. The person who is hostile simply shows that he is trying to cover up something through hostility.

Should Oregonians have recognized that in Sheela?

That I don’t know. That you have to ask the Oregonians. You are an Oregonian; you can answer.

As an Oregonian I thought Sheela spoke for you, and I thought that she showed your temperament as you wanted it portrayed.

No. Oregonians have no idea of my temperament.

You should be assertive in the service of truth. But your assertiveness has to be very loving and very compassionate. It has not to be ugly and obscene.

And I have never said to her to be obscene or to be hostile. I have certainly said to her again and again that, “Be assertive. But remain nice, cultured, humane. Your assertiveness is for the truth. If you are lying, then your assertiveness turns into hostility.”

Do you think that Hasya is assertive enough to run this commune?


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