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Chapter 8: The Fully Drowned

Truth is not a product of your knowledge. It is not your creation. You do not manufacture it. Nobody does, nobody can. It is already there. Hence it can’t be had anywhere ready-made, it is already there. The moment you open your eyes it is seen; the moment you shut them it is not seen. It is just like light. You don’t have to buy it. You just have to open your eyes and then the truth emerges in its total originality, in its perfect purity, in the wholeness of its existence - and it transforms you. For this to be possible it is essential that you do not corrupt yourself with borrowed thoughts or accept the leftovers of others. Don’t you know that life does not accept anything stale or dead?

What then shall I say to you? I shall not speak about truth. Then what shall I speak about? I shall speak to you about how truth can be known. I shall not speak to you about light, but will tell you how you can open your eyes and see the light. I won’t say what I am seeing, but I will say how I am seeing it. That alone can be told. And it is a blessing that at least this much can be said.

Religion, true religion, has nothing to do with the doctrine of truth, rather it has to do with the method of knowing truth. Hence I shall not say anything about truth. I don’t want to make you feel you know it before you actually know it. I wish to take you to the place where you can know it for yourself, to the point where you can have a look at it, to that boiling point where your ignorance will evaporate and you will meet the smokeless, pure flame that you yourself are.

Now let us talk about that method.

Those who aspire to walk along the path to truth find two doors open to them: one of them is of thinking about truth; the other, of spiritual endeavor for the attainment of truth. One is the path of reasoning; the other, of meditation. One is the way of contemplation of the truth; the other, of discipline leading to its attainment. There seem to be these two doors. But as I see it, the door is only one. The other one does not exist, it simply appears to. This other door is just an illusion.

The door of thinking about truth is not a real door. It is a false and illusory door and many get lost there. Through the door of thought, by thinking about truth, you never get anywhere. In spite of much traveling you find yourself standing where you began. It has only a beginning, it does not have an end. And something that does not have an end can only be an illusion at its beginning.

Thinking about the truth, what will you do? How will you think about the truth? You cannot think about something that is not known. How will a thought think about the unknown? Its reach is only within the realm of the known. Thinking can supply questions, it cannot supply solutions. Anyone who solely pursues thinking may find himself lost in chaos; his mind may end up in a kind of madness. That many a thinker goes crazy is not accidental and not without reason. This is the ultimate conclusion of thinking, its ultimate outcome. The way of thinking is not a way to attain to truth at all.

Let me tell you a story, a wonderful story:

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