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Chapter 6: Here, Too, Are the Gods

No, God is infinitely potential. Millions of Jesuses can come from him and he remains the same, he is not exhausted - that is the meaning of omnipotent. If he has only one son, he seems to be impotent rather than omnipotent. He goes on creating and the creativity never ends - that is the infinity. But Christians claim that Jesus is the only son. Why this claim? So that they can claim their book is the only book. The word bible means the book. They have not named it because for them this is the only book, all else is rubbish. What about the Upanishads? What about the sayings of Buddha? What about the Tao Teh Ching of Lao Tzu? Why should The Bible be the only book? It is beautiful, but when it becomes the only book it has become ill.

This is the sacred disease. When you claim for your truth that it is the whole and all, the ego has entered. Truth needs no claim. It’s simply there in all its beauty; you can see it but it has no claim on you. In fact, truth never tries to convert anybody. It helps, it loves you, it would like you to be transformed, but there is no effort to convert. But Hindus try to make Christians Hindus, Christians try to make Hindus Christians. Why this effort? - because they believe that they have the sole key and the only key and everybody else is going to hell. When people start converting they make the thing very narrow.

Infinite is the way, because to infinity it leads.

When the goal is infinite, how can the way be so narrow? In fact, whenever a man is religious he is neither a Christian, nor a Hindu, nor a Mohammedan. That’s what I am trying to help you to be: neither Christians, nor Hindus, nor Mohammedans. Why can’t you simply be? What need is there to carry the label of a sect? If you feel good, if you love Jesus, it is very beautiful. If you love Buddha, it is good - but why become bigoted? Why become prejudiced? Your love is beautiful, and if it helps you it is good - move accordingly. But then there are millions of people who move in different ways. Let them move, help them; wherever they are going, help them. Help them to move in their own ways, let them do their own thing. Don’t force them and don’t try to convert them. If they look at you and they feel something and they want to change their path, it is up to them. That’s why Heraclitus is completely forgotten, because he never created a sect around him. He had followers, but he never created a sect and he never claimed anything. He never said, “This is the only truth.”

Why does this appeal? When somebody says, “This is the only truth,” why does this appeal? You are very uncertain and confused, so when somebody claims that his is the only truth, you think, “He must know, otherwise how can he claim?” The claim becomes a subtle influence, he looks authoritative. But remember well: a man of knowledge, a man of understanding, is always hesitant. He is not so authoritative because he sees the truth and he feels it cannot be expressed - he hesitates. You will find poetry in his words, but you will not find statements. He has a subtle aroma around him which gives you a feeling of certainty, but that certainty doesn’t come from his statements. His statements are always hesitant; before he says anything he hesitates - because he knows that whatsoever is said cannot be the truth, and he knows that whatsoever he is trying to do is a dangerous thing. It is hazardous because words destroy, and when you hear the words you will give your own meaning to them.

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