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Chapter 23: So Very Close

So Very Close

Just because it’s so very close, you cannot get this truth out of your own eyes. When you open your eyes it strikes you, and when you close your eyes it’s not lacking either. When you open your mouth you speak of it, and when you shut your mouth it appears by itself. But if you try to receive it by stirring your mind, you’ve already missed it by eighteen thousand miles.

It is such a rejoicing to see Ta Hui coming closer and closer to reality, to the truth, and to his awakening. Just a step more and the old Ta Hui will be no longer there; and the new Ta Hui is naturally going to speak the language of all the awakened ones without exception. This sutra is one of the most important that we have come across up to now.

The greatest difficulty with the human mind is that whatever is available from the beginning it tends to forget, it takes it for granted. There is no gap between you and your truth because you are the truth. This is such a tremendous phenomenon, but one goes on missing it for the simple reason that every search leads you away from it, every question misguides you, every answer is going to be wrong.

If truth was separate from you, things would have been very easy. If the truth was far away from you, you would have achieved it long ago; if truth was difficult, almost impossible, it would have challenged your ego. The ego cannot be challenged by something which is already the case: there is no question of any achievement. If truth was somewhere on Everest, then thousands of Edmund Hillarys would have started moving towards Everest. If truth was on the moon, millions would have been attracted.

There is an ancient story.God made the world and in the beginning he used to live in the world, in the marketplace. But his life was becoming a nightmare - not a single moment of rest. People were standing the whole day and waking him in the night, they had so many complaints, so many things were wrong. They were bringing new suggestions as to how things should be changed, how things should be made - about each and everything.

The torture became too much, and he inquired of his closest angels, “What has to be done? These people will kill me. Somebody comes and says, ‘Listen, tomorrow there should be no rain because I am going fishing’ - and just after him a woman comes, ‘I need absolutely that there should be rain tomorrow because I have sown the seeds today and if rain comes tomorrow they will settle in the soil.’ Now, what I am supposed to do? And this is just one instance.”

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