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Chapter 21: Truth Knows No Compromise

Why is it important to you now to be here, to remain in the United States, to remain in Oregon, to have the attorneys fighting the battles with immigration?

I enjoy fighting. And because I have found the most backward people here in Oregon, that’s why I have chosen it. The fight is going to be long. The longer it goes, the longer it will keep me alive. The longer it goes, the stronger it will make my people. And we are on the right path.

We are fighting for those values America stands for, and they are fighting against America. We are fighting for the Constitution of America, and they are doing everything against the Constitution. So it has to be seen who wins. We may be a small minority, but I promise you that we are going to win in every case against the state of Oregon.

And we are going to prove to these people that it is not so easy to go against the only constitution in the world which has some democratic fragrance about it.

Do you think it is possible to persuade the people of Oregon, or do they have to be defeated?

I don’t want to persuade anybody. Either they defeat me, or I defeat them. No compromise. Truth knows no compromise. Lies are always ready to compromise - naturally, because in compromise truth will always be the loser and the lie will always be the gainer. The lie is zero; it has nothing to lose.

Yes, the state government have been trying to compromise, the federal government have been sending their mediators to compromise. I am not going to compromise. And when the other party is trying to compromise, that shows where they are. They know that if they don’t compromise they are going to lose the whole thing. And why should I compromise when I know that the whole thing is going to be mine?

You use phrases that are taken by the people of Oregon and others as inflammatory in your discourses. You have referred to people who are held very dearly by people here by phrases such as, “Pope the Polack,” “Christ the Crackpot,” “Mother Teresa the Criminal.” Are those phrases intended to bring enlightenment to people, or do they instead fill the hearts of those people with such hatred that they cannot hear what you are saying?

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