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Chapter 7: Choose the New

The wife said “That won’t do. You will have to confess that I was right. Just your being in the wrong does not make much difference, you will have to confess that I was right. Give a positive statement! Because you may be wrong and still you may think inside yourself that I am also wrong, so that is not of much use.”

Both persons can be wrong. Remember, truth is one; untruths can be as many as you want. Religion is one - cannot be two because truth is one; but philosophies can be as many as you want. Everybody can have his own philosophy: it is your dream about reality. You can manufacture a theory on your own, you cannot manufacture reality. It creates the restlessness. And when you are non-conclusive, you are hanging in a limbo. And that hanging in the middle, neither here nor there, is what philosophy creates in a man. He starts feeling that he knows, and he also goes on feeling deep down that he doesn’t know. Now this is a very tense state. You know that you don’t know and yet you feel that you know. You feel that you know and yet you know that you don’t know. Now you are getting split, you are becoming schizophrenic. And in this state of non-conclusive mind one always feels incomplete, and incompletion hurts. One wants to know the complete truth, the whole truth.

It happened in a hotel that a salesman came. The manager said, “It will be difficult for me to find a room for you though there is a room vacant, which I cannot give.”

The salesman said, “But what is the reason? Why can’t you give it if the room is empty?”

The hotel manager said “A great politician is staying just beneath that room. A room is vacant on the first floor, but on the ground floor beneath the room a great political leader is staying. And he gets mad at small things. If you walk in your room or if you make some noise, then he will create much fuss and I don’t want any trouble. Please go to another hotel.”

“But” the salesman said, “I have looked all around. All the hotels are booked. So please, have mercy on me, and I promise you that I will not even move in the room. The whole day I will be working in the town and at night I will simply come and go to sleep. By the morning I will be gone, gone to another town, but give me the room.’” So the room was given.

In the middle of the night, the salesman came back, tired, sat on his bed, took off one of his shoes and dropped it on the floor. Then he suddenly remembered that the great political leader might get disturbed, so he took off the second shoe very silently and without making any sound he put it on the floor and went to sleep.

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