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Chapter 22: Truth Is Here but You Are Not

Recognize that “I am not interested in truth.” In that very recognition there will be a shocking realization; perhaps a door that was closed may open in that shock.

But remember, it is your quest:

It has to be your question.

And I do not want to give you any answer.

I can only show you the way to find your own answer. Truth liberates, but it has to be your own.

Otherwise, if it is somebody else’s, truth binds. Jesus Christ’s truth, Mohammed’s truth, Buddha’s truth, have all become prisons. I don’t want my truth to become a prison for anybody.

I want my truth to be an inspiration.

I want my truth to trigger something in you which is yours.

My truth simply gives you an assurance that a human being, just like you, can attain to truth.

That will give you immense respect towards yourself. You will not feel unworthy sinners, that somebody has to come to save you - some Christ, some Buddha has to come, and then you will be saved. You don’t have to wait for anybody to save you. You are born saved, just a little insight.. If my presence can do that, then my work is finished.

I don’t want to become a prison around you.

I want to become a freedom around you, an open sky around you, not a golden cage - so that you can open your wings and feel the joy of flying higher and higher towards the stars.