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Chapter 4: From Dreams toward Truth

There are very few fortunate ones who realize the truth of existence. The majority of us live and die in slumber. We have to awaken from this dream life, in order to realize that which is not a dream. We have to become aware of the drama in order to recognize that which is not a drama. That reality is the soul itself, God himself. Whatever name we give it - truth, God, the universal spirit - man is liberated as soon as he realizes it. Since all lies belong to the dream world, they are false and untrue. Once this is experienced, one realizes that one was always free. What immeasurable bliss and joy this knowledge brings in its wake. There is no way of gauging its dimensions, nor can it be expressed in words, nor is there a method of conveying this joy. It can only be lived and experienced.

In the direction of living in truth, it is important to remember these two rules:

(i) Life is a dream; (ii) We are the witness.

This can only be felt and understood by experimentation. Put these two rules to trial; for until you experiment, you will not get even a vague notion of reality.

Nothing helps to discover reality: neither the telling of beads nor the chanting of mantras; nor the reading of the Gita or the Koran; nor also by going to temples and performing the various types of worship. These are not the ways; nor does any other method disclose truth except the awakening to the unreality of temporal life and becoming a mere witness to it. It is then alone that the positive change takes place and everything is transformed.

But this is a matter of self-application and nobody else can do it for you. You will have to traverse this path yourself; it cannot be done by proxy. The peaks of Girnar can be reached by hiring a palanquin, but there is no such arrangement to scale the heights of truth. One has to rely on one’s own feet. Also, there are no marked roads that lead to truth. One has to make one’s own path as one goes along.

As we proceed in this witness state, so the path unfolds before us; and once the door opens, no matter how little, there is so much left to be done by ourselves. That little opening then keeps calling the individual; it attracts him so that he cannot help but be drawn toward it. If a man jumps from a roof, he cannot stop to ask what he has to do next; the ground will do the needful - the gravitation of the earth will pull him down. His work is over as soon as he leaps; the earth then takes over and finishes the rest for him.

Once a man leaps into the witness state, he has nothing more to do himself. Then the pull of the universal spirit, the gravitation of God, does the rest. As long as we stand in the dream world this power does not work, but as soon as we break through the dream world and jump out of it, the pull of God begins to work. Then, when a man walks one step toward God, he walks a thousand steps toward him. Then, a slight effort and the reward is a thousandfold; one feeble call evokes a flood of response from him.