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Chapter 30: This Beautiful Earth

Finally, he made the contract with me. It was very difficult for him, because then I started admitting everything that I had done - and after admitting it, I asked for reward. He would say, “This is a strange contract that I have fallen into. I have made many contracts in my life, but this is a strange contract. That you took away one of my neighbor’s..”

In India, in the summertime, people sleep outside the house; it is too hot. This man was such a deep sleeper and he snored so much that almost nobody else on the street could sleep. Everybody was against him, but what to do?

I said, “You don’t be worried. You just help me. I will manage.”

They said, “What do we have to do?”

I said, “You come with me.”

I took three people; we took his bed, carried his bed.. Just in front of his house there was a water well, a very small one: I put his bed on the well. Those people said, “What are you doing? If he wakes up and finds himself where he is, he may fall into the well!”

I said, “Don’t be worried. The well is not that deep. I have been jumping in the well.”

They said, “My God! And we have been drinking the water!”

I said, “That is my usual practice. Every morning, early, the first thing I do is to jump in the well. It is not deep; the man will not be killed, and he knows swimming.”

And that’s what happened. When he woke up, he could not believe it. Where was his house? Where had he come to? And just getting out of the bed, he fell into the well. He screamed, he shouted, he gathered the whole neighborhood. He was taken out of the well, and he said, “Who has done this?”

People said, “Nobody knows who has done this, but you should sleep a little more alert.”

“This is too much! How can I sleep a little more alert?”

They said, “Then you should stop snoring. If you snore, this is going to happen again and again.”

My father immediately caught hold of me. He said, “What is the matter?”

I explained to him the whole thing: “That man has been a nuisance - and not for one day, for years he has not allowed the neighbors to sleep. He needed it! And if he snores, I am going to put him on the well again. And yes, I have done it. Now, my reward.”

My father said, “I want to withdraw from the contract. You may kill somebody - and still you will want a reward!”

I said, “I can kill somebody even without asking for a reward. But the reward will make you aware of the truth. You are so much interested in truth - for truth you have to pay.”

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