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Chapter 35: Falling above the Mind

Van Gogh said, “I don’t know, but whenever I sit by the side of a tree I feel the ambition of the tree: it is the ambition of the earth to go beyond the stars. I don’t know whether those trees are lying to me or I am deceived, but this happens every time I sit by the side of a tree. And I suddenly feel the tree is saying to me, ‘I am the aspiration of the earth to go beyond the stars.’”

Perhaps man going to the moon, man going to Mars, man going to the stars, is also part of the same ambition, that the earth wants to go as far as possible, to enquire, to investigate.

Now, van Gogh looks mad, but what he is saying is not absolutely senseless; it has a certain credibility about it. If in man there is a desire to reach to the stars, then in the trees also there must be a desire to reach beyond the stars, because we are all part of one life. Trees are a different expression, we are a different expression, but the life is the same.

You ask me, “What is madness?” Madness can be defined as either falling below the mind or falling above the mind. Falling below the mind is sickness; falling above the mind is health, wholeness.

For the past seven years I have heard you speaking about truth. But this is still an empty word for me. Often you say that one knows truth when one is silent inside. I know this delicious feeling that takes me over when I close my eyes and become quiet inside, but what is truth to do with that?

That is the truth.

Truth is not an object that you will find somewhere when you are silent. Truth is your subjectivity. Just try to understand. You are there, and the whole world is there. Whatever you see is an object, but who is seeing it is the subject.

In silence all objects disappear - and the word object has to be remembered; it is the same word as objection. Object means that which prevents you. So all preventions, all objects, all objections, disappear; you have the whole infinity, and just silence. It is full of consciousness, it is full of presence, of your being. But you will not find anything as the truth - that will become an object. Truth is never an object.

Truth is subjectivity. To discover your subjectivity - unhindered, unobjected to by anything, in its total infinity and eternalness - is the truth.

“The truth” is only a way of speaking; there is not something labeled “Truth,” that one day you will find and open the box and see the contents and say, “Great! I have found the truth.” There is no such box.

Your existence is the truth, and when you are silent you are in truth. And if the silence is absolute then you are the ultimate truth. But don’t think of the truth as an object - it is not an object. It is not there, it is here.

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