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Chapter 11: Hare Krishna, Hare Rama!

“I” as a thinking mind, is a barrier. “I” as an existential living unit, not a thinking mind, is no barrier. Then there is no “I” and “you”; then the whole existence becomes one.

The ego is “I” and the other ego is the “you.” And the absolute comes only when there is egolessness. “I” cannot conceive it, “I” can dissolve in it; “you” can dissolve in it, but “you” cannot conceive it. A drop cannot conceive the ocean. A drop can only conceive the drop. That is its limitation. A drop can become the ocean; it can drop into it and be one with it. Only then it knows - through being, not through thinking. It becomes one with it and knows, but now even this knowing cannot be translated into conceptions.

Conceptions are mental languages - the mind transforming a thing into a thought. I love you: then there is no “I” and there is no “you,” but love exists and we both become two polarities of it - two extensions of one feeling, two waves coming and going of one feeling. When you begin to conceive about love, then love becomes a theory, a dead concept - words, principles, philosophies, doctrines - but then there is no love. A theory of love is not love and a theory of godliness is not godliness. The word godliness is not godliness.

So with all these conceptions, I’m not saying this conception is right and that wrong. I’m saying that conceptualization as such is wrong. We cannot conceive. The inconceivable is the absolute. And the moment one begins to think about it, and begins to weave a theory around it, then there are only words and the truth is being lost.

The truth can never become a word.

What is your attitude towards the Vedic religion, the Vedanta Sutra?


What is the purpose of these literatures if not to discuss the nature of the absolute truth?

It is not.

The absolute truth then is beyond conceptualizing, then how is it then that these literatures such as the Vedanta Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita present description and definition of the absolute truth?

No one presents, no one can present. They all deny, they all deny.

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