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Chapter 16: Drowned in Spaghetti

“There is so much magnificence in the ocean.Waves are coming in, waves are coming in..” and once again I seem to be desperately running for dry land! My sweet Osho, how about yet another intensive lesson on drowning?

Radha, when the invitation of the ocean comes don’t run away from it.

The ocean is the very beginning of life, not only metaphorically, but factually. We are from the ocean, physically. And we are from a vaster ocean, invisible to the bare eyes, spiritual. And when the invitation comes, running towards dry land is running towards your own grave.

Only the graveyard is outside the ocean.

Life is in being oceanic.

William James has given this word, oceanic to the world. The ocean has always been there, but once in a while a man of insight gives it a totally new dimension. He is the first man to use the word oceanic in the sense of vastness, infinity, eternity, immortality. It is always there; waves upon waves go on coming. Just as in the ordinary ocean, so in the ocean of consciousness: waves upon waves, unending joy, unending dawns, unending celebration.

Why should you think of running? But it is not rare; almost everybody thinks of running away from the ocean, from anything that is bigger than you, because the fear is you will be overwhelmed, you will disappear.

You don’t need any lesson in drowning; the ocean will do the whole work. You simply don’t run. You simply go on sitting silently and let the ocean take you over. Don’t be worried that this is going to be your death. That is the fear that comes to every mind the moment it is close to the infinite. It is a very small, very tiny thing. It has made its own cozy life, although it is dark and miserable, poor, spiritually poor.

But it seems to be safe in a way, that you are not being overwhelmed by something bigger than you. And unless a man learns how to be overwhelmed, he will miss everything that is of value. He will miss love; he will run away from love, because love is bigger than you and very overwhelming. Such a person will run away from truth. Lies are good; they are smaller than you. They are your own creation; how can they be bigger than you? But truth is not your creation; in fact, you come from the sources of truth. Naturally, the fear arises when you come across truth.

Silence is overwhelming; all noise is yours.

Silence belongs to existence.

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