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Chapter 11: Of the Virtue That Makes Small

This small, so-called religiousness will not help. Because you fasted one day, you pray every day, you go to the temple every day, you kneel down before statues of God.just think what value all these things have. They keep you small.

To grow big, a tree wants to strike hard roots into hard rocks!
“It is given” - that is also a doctrine of submission. But I tell you, you comfortable people: it is taken.

A very important point to be remembered. It has been said by all the teachers, without exception, that truth is given to you - given by God. Zarathustra says, “It is not given, it is taken.”

Only one man in this century, George Gurdjieff, had a similar idea, even more rough and more hard. He used to say, “Unless you are ready to steal the truth you will not get it.” It is not only a question of taking; you have to steal it, you have to risk everything - even your respectability, even your so-called virtue, your morality.

Truth cannot be given by anyone to anybody else. Zarathustra is right: it has to be taken. And to take it, you need to be not a coward, not a slave, not a beggar, but a lion: strong, able to take it.

A given truth is just a lie. And all your truths are given truths. Who has given you your God? Who has given you your truth? Who has given you your religion?

Just check one thing: has it been given to you, or have you taken it? If it has been given to you, throw it away - it means nothing, it is self-deception. You have to be strong enough to take it.

Oh, that you understood my saying: “Always do what you will - but first be such as can will!”

- a very subtle difference, but very great. He is saying, “Always do what you will.” You understand it, there is nothing difficult in understanding it - “Always do what you will” - but are you capable of willing?

“ - but first be such as can will!”

.because willing needs a non-submissive, strong, independent individuality; otherwise you cannot will. You can only pray; you can ask, you can beg. Your will will remain impotent. Become more crystallized, more of an individual, less a part of the crowd, so that you can will.

“Always love your neighbor as yourselves.”