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Chapter 31: Burning Torches Moving around the World

An Albert Einstein is an Albert Einstein. He is not equal to anybody else in the world and nobody can claim to be equal to him. It will be simply stupid to force him to be equal - his work is different, his genius is different. In fact, he has not to be dragged down, he is not a shopkeeper and he is not a laborer. He should not be forced to be a shopkeeper - that would be a tremendous harm to the whole evolution of mankind - and he should not be forced to be a laborer, because nobody else can replace him.

Who is going to create the theory of relativity? Who is going to give us the tremendous power of atomic energy? It is unfortunate that the politicians have been using it in destroying man, but Albert Einstein is not responsible for it. The same energy could have been used for making man richer, healthier, for making the world more beautiful.

Men are not equal - that is my fundamental approach.

And secondly, it is my understanding that everybody should be allowed to have private property; just the differences should not be too great, they should be within human limits.

The whole country can be rich. The state need not become the only owner of everything; that is the most dangerous thing which can happen to any country, because the state is already powerful. It has all the military, it has all the courts, it has all the police, it has all the laws, all the judges in its favor.and it wants all the finances of the country also to be in its power? Then the whole country is left absolutely nude, in the same state as beggars - “Now we don’t have anything.” And the state has become such a monster that you cannot even fight with it.

The state has gathered all the powers possible into its own hands. In Russia, all the newspapers are published by the government. You cannot write an article criticizing any policy of the government because it will not be published anywhere. But if you write it, you will be behind bars. It will never be published, but you will go out of existence!

No book can be published, because only the government has the right to publish anything. And you can see the results - in the sixty years since the Russian revolution not a single Leo Tolstoy, or a Fyodor Dostoevsky, or a Turgenev, or a Chekhov, or a Gorky.these five names are pre-revolution names. These five became world-famous novelists. If you have to choose ten great novels of the world, five will be Russian. These five names have to be included, there is no other way, because they have created the best masterpieces.

Where has that genius disappeared? In sixty years, not a single novel of that quality has come. It cannot come, because individuality has been completely destroyed. Now government bureaucrats decide what novels should be published and what should not be published, and these stupid bureaucrats don’t have any sensitivity. They are not poets, they are not novelists, they don’t understand the subtle nuances of creativity. But they are now the decisive factors. So the best is not published, only the third rate - because they can understand only the third rate.

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