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Chapter 13: The World Needs to Be One

You have brought Zorba the Buddha to life, love and laughter, with luminous silence. You have also spoken on the distinction between rebellion and revolution. If Zorba the Buddha were in this commune, how could he have responded to the growing menace of Sheela and her gang?
Would he, as one rebel among the community of rebels, have acted not only individually, but together with others? Could there be some shared awareness or action which might have freed us from the enemies within?
Please comment on Zorba the Buddha’s responsibility as a social or communal being.

Zorba the Buddha is certainly amongst you. And he has acted the way he is supposed to act - individually, rebelliously. Revolution is for crowds, mobs; hence, revolution changes things but never betters them.

Rebellion is individual.

It has a superiority, a consciousness which only an individual can have.

The moment Zorba the Buddha saw what was happening, not a single moment was lost; action was immediate. And Zorba the Buddha acts in such a way - so silently, without any destructiveness - that you become aware only when the act is almost complete.

How do you think, how do you explain that Sheela and her fascist gang simply fled away? I had not even uttered a single word, I had not told them to leave, but they could see, feel that I had become aware of their misdeeds.

They were not even courageous enough to come and say good-bye to me. I have never seen such a cowardly group - a group who have been here, who have been working in the commune in my name, representing me, and yet who could not gather courage to come and say, “Good-bye, we are leaving.”

The functioning of Zorba the Buddha is so silent and so serene, so nonviolent, and so loving..

Sheela has given an interview to Stern. I have just heard that my picture is on the cover of Stern, and just in the corner is a small picture of Sheela. It is her interview, twenty-five pages long, with a beautiful heading: “To Hell With Osho.”

That’s really the place I would like to go! What am I going to do in heaven with all kinds of dodos, saints? - who are all torturers of themselves - masochistic. Heaven must be the most psychologically sick place, because all psychologically sick people are there. Sheela at least understands my taste. I loved the title.

Hell is full of colorful people. All the scientists will be in hell, all the artists, painters, sculptors, poets - people who have contributed to the happiness of man - will be in hell, because they never bothered about the priests and their stupid theologies.

You cannot conceive of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Mozart, Wagner, in heaven. Impossible! Picasso, Van Gogh, Dostoevsky, Turgenev, Epicurus, Socrates, Gautam Buddha - such a great company! The best, the cream of the whole history is in hell. And wherever people like Socrates, Buddha, Epicurus, Diogenes, Dionysius are, do you think the place will remain the same?

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