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Chapter 8: Tozan’s Five Pounds

But what has happened? You renounced life just to be the mind. You renounced the whole body just to be the head - and the head was the problem! You saved the disease, and you renounced everything. Now the mind will become a cancerous growth. It will do japa, mantra, austerities - it will do everything; and then it will become a ritual. That’s why religious people move in rituals: ritual means a repetitive phenomenon. Every morning, every day they have to do their prayer: a Mohammedan does five prayers in a day - wherever he is, he is to do the prayer five times; a Hindu goes on doing the same ritual every day for his whole life; Christians have to go to church every Sunday.just a ritual! Because mind likes repetition, mind creates a ritual.

In your ordinary life also, mind creates a ritual. You love, you meet friends, you go to parties.everything is a ritual, has to be done, repeated. You have a program for all the seven days, and the program is fixed - and this has been so always. You have become a robot, not alive. Mind is a robot. If you give too much attention to the mind it will absorb all your energy; it is a cancer, it will grow, it will spread all over.

But a Zen master belongs to the other category of sannyasin. He belongs to my category of sannyasin. A Zen master has always been a neo-sannyasin - hence I love to talk about them; I have a deep affinity with them. They renounce mind and they live life; they don’t renounce life and live mind - just the contrary. They simply renounce mind because it is repetitive - and they live life. They may be living the life of a householder; they may have a wife, they may have children; they will work on the farm, they will work in the garden, they will dig holes, they will weigh flax in the storeroom..

A Hindu cannot think why an enlightened man should weigh flax - why? Why such an ordinary activity? But a Zen master renounces mind, lives life in its totality. He drops mind and becomes simple existence.

So the first thing to remember: if you renounce mind and live life you are a true sannyasin; if you renounce life and live mind you are an untrue sannyasin, you are a pseudo-sannyasin. And remember well, to be pseudo is always easier; to be real is always difficult. To live with a wife and to be happy is really difficult; to live with children and to be blissful is really difficult. To work in a shop, in an office, in a factory and to be ecstatic is the real difficulty.

To leave everything and just sit under a tree and feel happy is not difficult - anybody will feel that way. Nothing to do, you can be detached; everything to do, you become attached. But when you do everything and remain unattached, when you move with the crowd, in the world and yet alone, then something real is happening.

If you don’t feel anger when you are alone, that is not the point. When you are alone you will not feel anger because anger is a relationship, it needs somebody to be angry towards. Unless you are mad you will not feel anger when you are alone; it will be inside but it will not find any way to come out. When the other is there, not to be angry then is the point. When you don’t have any money, any things, any house - if you are unattached, what is the difficulty in it? But when you have everything and you remain unattached - a beggar in the palace - then something very deep has been attained.

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