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Chapter 29: Life - for the Sheer Joy of It

And the whole commune was unaware. The things that they did were such that they could manage within those twenty people. One was a medical expert, one was an electronics expert, one was an electrician, one was a finance expert. So they could manage everything within themselves.

For example, if sannyasins were told to dig ditches for telephone wires, they had no idea that within the telephone wires there are also wires which are going to bug hundreds of houses.

One hundred forty-five rooms of the hotel were bugged. Even my room was bugged. Many other houses, wherever they felt there may be people of independent mind, of free thinking, their houses were bugged.

The sannyasins who managed to work had no idea except those two experts, which were within the group. So the whole commune remained completely unaware of what they are doing.

They were taping all the telephones. They had a very sophisticated mechanism which could tape all the telephone calls from Rajneeshpuram simultaneously. Even the FBI people were simply surprised. They had never seen such a sophisticated mechanism. And when they found bugging, they said that these people have far exceeded Nixon.

For one bugging the punishment is five years of imprisonment. And these people have bugged so many houses that one thousand years of imprisonment will not be enough. This is from FBI experts. I am simply quoting.

But these things were such that the sannyasins will not be aware. They saw the wires being stretched but they could not think that they are bugging the houses. They thought it is electricity or telephone.

They had no idea that people are being drugged in the food. The chief of the food department was part of the twenty. Only the chief knew what was going on, that three thousand street people that has been brought here were being drugged for twenty-one days continuously. Every food. They became almost zombies. The idea was that now whatsoever you say they will do. They have lost their own thinking. They are not awake at all, they are almost asleep. But nobody in the restaurant had any idea what is happening except one person: the chief.

Few of these twenty people tried to kill sannyasins, sannyasins who were in any way dangerous to their clique, particularly sannyasins who were available to me in my isolation and silence.

My personal physician used to come for weekly check. Now they were afraid of the man because he may inform me about something that is happening. They tried to poison him four times. And nobody believed the poor doctor, because everybody laughed that, “Why anybody should poison you? There is no reason!”

He insisted. So finally they took him to Bend, and there too the doctor said that, “There is no disease and there is no poison. But we suspect that a certain poison is there which is undetectable.”

And that was the poison that my doctor was continuously telling that, “That is the poison that has been given to me in the tea, in the coffee.”

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