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Chapter 6: Only Now Is

The first question:

Can you clear this confusion in me? The other day at discourse you talked about the different ways and paths to God. The Christian feels his is the only way, the Muslim feels his is the only way, and so on. Now all of us here, your entire following - don’t we too believe that yours is the most appealing and therefore the only way? Then what is the difference? I cannot seem to figure it out and yet I am sure there is difference.

God is not a goal, hence there can be no way to God. All ways are wrong. God is right now, this very moment. God is always in the present, now and here, and always now and here. There can be no way to God.

The very idea of “the way” is fallacious. “The way” means you have postponed; “the way” leads to tomorrow, and the tomorrow never comes. “The way” means you have projected into the future: God is somewhere else and you have to travel. Then religion becomes a journey. And religion is not a journey, it is already the case.

God has not to happen to you. God has happened, because you are alive. What is life? Who is breathing in you and who is conscious in you? God is not to be known, God is the knower. God is not the object that you have to see, God is the seer in you. This is the most fundamental thing I would like you to remember.

What I am teaching here is not a way, it is a totally different phenomenon. Hence I am not creating a religion, I am not creating a sect - I am simply waking you up to the reality of godliness. Even while you are asleep God is within and without; even in your sleep you are in God.

It is like, if a man is asleep and it is spring and the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing and the trees are green, celebrating - but the man is asleep. He is unaware of the spring, he is unaware of the flowers, of the birds’ songs; he is unaware of everything that is happening. But that does not mean that it is not happening. He may be unaware, he may be asleep, but the spring has come, it is there. Any moment the man can open his eyes; any situation may help him to be awake. And suddenly he will be surprised that there was no need to go anywhere - all was already here.

That’s how it happens when a man really wakes up - not that one has to travel somewhere. All traveling is dreaming, all pilgrimage is dreaming, desiring. And your so-called religions have made God a goal, and your mind is perfectly satisfied with that because mind can exist only if there is a goal. The mind needs tension, the mind needs a way to remain tense. If there is a goal then mind can remain desiring - unfulfilled, frustrated, hoping one day to get it.

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