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Chapter 25: This Constant Hammering Within

Something about the Tratak Meditation. At night when you are doing Tratak - staring with unblinking eyes toward me, your hands raised, jumping, crying the mantra hoo - what basically are we doing? What are we doing, what is the inner process, and what is going to happen through it?

The first thing: when you stare with unblinking eyes, your energy becomes concentrated. Eyes are the doors through which you can move out or in.

It is just like breathing: breath goes out and then comes in, then it goes out and comes in. You exhale and inhale. In the same way, you exhale and inhale consciousness through the eyes. This is one of the secrets of Yoga and has to be deeply understood. Just as you exhale and inhale breath through your nostrils, you inhale and exhale consciousness through the eyes. It is very subtle.

Consciousness is all around you, just as breath is all around you; there is air, there is oxygen. You cannot be alive if you are not breathing. You cannot be more conscious if you are not aware of a subtle breathing of consciousness through the eyes.

Concentrating the eyes makes you aware of this. Not only aware, but a master of it. Once you know the secret of how to breathe consciousness through your eyes, you can accumulate more consciousness within you. With more conscious, you will be more alive; with more conscious, you will be more alert. With more conscious, new doors of perception will open.

Have you ever noticed that all over the world we have called those who have known the truth, the seers, drashta: those who have seen. In India we have called the whole phenomenon darshan: seeing. What does it mean?

Darshan is not philosophy. Hermann Hesse has coined a new word to translate darshan: he calls it philosia. Philosophy means love of thinking, love of inquiry. Philosia means love of seeing, not of thinking. Philo means love, sia means to see.

Darshan - seeing, perception - has been used for those who have known, realized. It is deeply related to the eyes. You can breathe consciousness through your eyes, so any concentrated staring makes your eyes more open, and you can be filled with more consciousness.

When I say “Stare at me,” I mean other things also. When you are staring at me, I can communicate with you deeply, without words. When words are used it is an indirect communication. Nothing is certain about words: you may not understand what is being said, or you may misunderstand. The possibility is always of misunderstanding, because when I say something my meaning is not traveling to you, only my words. The content is not reaching you, only the container. And then you will supply the contents.

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