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Chapter 20: Become a Friend to Yourself

But then, you have to help me, you have to cooperate with me. I cannot do anything unless you cooperate. Unless you are ready to transform yourself, I cannot do anything. With your cooperation, much is possible. With courage, you can become something meaningful.

Meditation starts with catharsis and ends with celebration. When your diseases are thrown, you can dance and laugh, and then you can feel blissful. Only in this blissful state will there be a meeting, a meeting with the universe. That meeting is divine; unless you have known that meeting and reunion, you have not known anything at all.

Only one thing is worth knowing, and that is the deep rootedness of your being in the being of the universe. Unless you know and feel that you are the universe, that you are in the universe and the universe is in you, you will be in misery, you will be in hell.

Now, something about the night meditation, and then we will move into it.

This is a very intense method. For twenty minutes you are going to stare at me with your eyes unblinking and your hands raised toward the sky - this is just a preparation for meeting with the cosmos. You will be jumping so that your energy is active, so that you are in a vital state for the meeting to happen. Your energy is flowing upward. So while you are standing with your hands raised - jumping, staring at me - feel that your energy is moving up and jump with the energy that is moving up. You must move a little so that existence can descend into you. You must go at least one step. Then, the divine can come. Just one step from you is enough.

In this state - staring at me, jumping, feeling energy moving up as if you have become a tree spread into the sky and jumping to meet the sky - simultaneously you will be using the mantra hoo, loudly. This hoo hits, hammers, the energy within; and the kundalini starts arising. In India we have called this energy kundalini, the serpent power. The serpent uncoils.

This hoo has many meanings, it is multi-dimensional. This hoo hits the energy that is coiled. It actually hits the energy that is coiled in your sex center, and the energy begins to move. Jumping, with your hands raised and spread toward the sky, the energy will flow in a fast current. You will feel that current. The more you feel it, the more you are to jump so that you are helping it to move. Go on using the mantra “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” as a hammering. It is a hammering with sound.

For thirty minutes you have to be completely mad so that all your madness is thrown out. Don’t withhold yourself: move into it totally, because half-effort is useless. Unless you do it totally, nothing will happen.

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