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Chapter 8: The Grass Grows by Itself

And not only that: this unbounded finiteness is round in shape - because everything is round. How can an unbounded thing be round? Who will give it the shape of roundness?

The mystery has thickened every day. And Albert Einstein is just on the threshold of existence. It is maddening.

So when I say “conscious ignorance,” I don’t mean that you are ignorant: I mean that life is so vast and existence so infinite that there is no way to fathom it. You cannot measure it; it is immeasurable.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘conscious ignorance’? Is it the recognition that one is ultimately, fundamentally ignorant? Or is there more to it?”

If there is not more to it, then the mystery is solved. There is always more to it! and there will always be more to it. Whatsoever can be said will never be satisfactory - there will always remain more to it.

And I am not saying that what is not said and you understand inside is enough - even that is not enough. nothing is enough. That is the meaning when I say existence is mysterious. It simply cannot be understood.

To see this point makes one feel humble. To see this point to let it sink in your heart, one feels like bowing down. To bow down before this mystery that is unfathomable - not only unknown but unknowable - is prayer.

The second question:

I remember.
I let go.
I forget.
I let go.
My love affair with life
keeps deepening.
Still, I am not without doubts.
But the plunge forward!
A dance unpredictable.
And I allow all around.
Dissolve in through sound.
Ahh, Osho - thank you.

A question on polarities:
man-woman, Zen-Sufi.
Can any one being encompass it all?

Yes, I am encompassing it all - so can you. Because being is vast. Being is neither male nor female. Bodies are male and female. Psychologies are male and female. But not being. Being is simply being.

At the very core of your existence, there is no man, no woman. The consciousness is beyond polarity. When you are witness sing your body, if you are a man you will see a man’s body there as an object; if you are a woman, you will see a woman’s body as an object. But the witness is the witness, man or woman. The witness is neither. The witness is simply there - a witness, that’s all. A consciousness, an awareness.

That awareness comprehends all. When you become a witness, when you become a buddha, all is comprehended. Then there is no question of polarities.

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