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Chapter 4: The Mystery of the Knack

It is said that wherever Gautam Buddha moved, even if trees were out of season they suddenly became green, full of flowers, foliage. People used to know that Buddha had passed this way just by looking at the trees on the side of the road - because the whole forest would be naked, barren, no leaves, no flowers; it was not the season.

It looks like a fiction. But in a deeper sense, it is a reality. Perhaps visibly the trees had not become green with flowers and foliage, but invisibly the trees felt as if the spring had come. When a man has reached the highest peak of consciousness, it is not an individual achievement. In him, the whole universe has achieved its deepest longing. It is natural that the whole existence should rejoice and dance and sing.

Just remember: even things which are beautiful and good can become a burden, and the moment they become a burden you can even start taking revenge on the person.

Great masters have been betrayed, and they have been betrayed by their great disciples - not by their ordinary disciples, but by those who were very close to them.

It is tremendously interesting to go into the psychology of it. What happened to Judas? He was very close to Jesus. He was the most intelligent of Jesus’ disciples, he was the only one who was educated, and the only one with a very sharp intellect. What happened to him?

On the surface, the facts are very simple: He betrayed; he betrayed because Jesus’ enemies offered him thirty pieces of silver.

This is sheer nonsense. A man with the qualities of Judas cannot betray a master of the quality of Jesus just for thirty pieces of silver. There must be much more to it. Perhaps Jesus was becoming a burden.

Jesus was giving him so much love, and there was no way to return it. Jesus was giving him so much insight into existence, and there was no way to show his gratitude. Jesus was doing everything that a master should do for his spiritual growth.

But one should always remember that the person who is being benefited is also an individual. He cannot go on taking because deep down it is humiliating, it is a spiritual insult. And there is only so much one can tolerate. The same thing which was so sweet and so beautiful can turn into its very opposite, can become a poison.

It was just to unburden himself that Judas betrayed Jesus.

And I say it with certain authority: When he saw what he had done to a man who has always been nothing but love, nothing but compassion, who was always ready to give everything; when he saw the crucifixion and the torture and he realized what he had done, within twenty-four hours he hanged himself from a tree and killed himself.

Christians don’t talk about the suicide of Judas. But the whole secret is in the suicide of Judas - not in the crucifixion of Jesus.

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