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Chapter 17: You Are Alive

So the man of compassion will try in every way to persuade you, to convince you rationally; he will make the effort. And if there is a possibility of an open heart, he will make a heart to heart contact too. When somebody is drowning and you are standing on the bank of the river, you don’t say, “You go on your path and I am going on my path.” Do you think that is beautiful? You have to jump and save that man who is drowning.

And now Catholics need to be saved. Jesus started saving people, although he could not save himself; and for two thousand years these people are trying to save people. They have not been able to save anybody. On the contrary, they have been fighting crusades, burning people alive. These are the saviors of man? And if Mother Teresa has any intelligence left - I suspect not, but if she has any intelligence left - the first thing would be to get out of the Catholic Church.

And become a sannyasin?

Certainly. Because I can say on my own authority that I can save her. She cannot say on her own authority anything. She can quote the dead Bible, she can quote Jesus Christ. I am not quoting anybody. I am saying it myself.

And your path is objective?

Absolutely objective.

And anybody who follows your path finds this truth?


May I pass to another question?

Is Mother Teresa finished? Pass on.

Reading your discourses one meets with contradictions constantly - there are not many statements of yours which are not countered by other statements. Am I right that you constantly undermine your own teachings? What is the unchanging nucleus in your vision?

You are right. I am a man of contradictions, and my understanding is that only idiots are consistent. The higher your intelligence, the more contradictions will be in your life, because you are constantly growing, expanding. Every day new facts arise in your consciousness, and then the question arises whether to go with the reality that has been revealed today, or just to remain consistent with your past, dead statements.

I am not such a coward as your philosophers and theologians. I don’t bother about anything that I have said, ever. My whole concern is this moment. If it contradicts my whole life, it is perfectly okay. There is no harm, it is good. And I am not saying that I will remain tomorrow with the same statement. Tomorrow will bring its own light, tomorrow will bring its own experience, and only tomorrow will decide what statement I am going to make.

But is there an unchangeable nucleus, then, in your vision?

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