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Chapter 23: Of Laughter and Dance

Zarathustra the dancer, Zarathustra the light, who beckons with his wings, ready for flight, beckoning to all birds, prepared and ready, blissfully light-hearted:
Zarathustra the prophet, Zarathustra the laughing prophet, no impatient nor uncompromising man, one who loves jumping and escapades; I myself have set this crown on my head!
You higher men, the worst about you is: none of you has learned to dance as a man ought to dance - to dance beyond yourselves! What does it matter that you are failures!

It is better to be a failure in a great thing than to be victorious in a small thing - at least you tried! Even the failure in transcending yourself is a great victory. The very effort, the very longing, brings a transformation to you.

.dance beyond yourselves.

that is the essential teaching of Zarathustra. He declares himself as. “the laughing prophet.”

How much is still possible! So learn to laugh beyond yourselves! Lift up your hearts, you fine dancers, high! Higher! And do not forget to laugh well!
This laughter’s crown, this rose-wreath crown: to you, my brothers, do I throw this crown! I have canonized laughter; you higher men, learn - to laugh!
“This is my morning, my day begins: rise up now, rise up, great noontide!”

.Thus spake Zarathustra and left his cave, glowing and strong, like a morning sun emerging from behind dark mountains.

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