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Chapter 3: Belief Is a Barrier, Trust Is a Bridge

I told the man, “You can write anything you want about me. Even if you want to say things which I have not said, I give you the authority, because I have been able to touch your heart. And beware, soon you will be a sannyasin!”

I could see the glow in his eyes - just the idea of being a sannyasin, a great adventure ahead, a great pilgrimage. And the way he was dancing was absolutely drunk. It is just coincidence that he happens to be a journalist, that is not his place. His place is amongst the sannyasins, he is a seeker. And he trusts me..

The second problem that you have raised is about believing. But who is asking you to believe me? I go on destroying every possibility of believing in me. Even if you want to believe in me, you cannot; I will not allow it. To the very last breath of my life I will go on contradicting continuously.

Perhaps at the last breath I may say all this enlightenment business is just bullshit. Forget all about it! Just be human, ordinary, enjoying the small things of life, relishing the beauty of nature, drowning yourself in love, friendship - and you have something better than enlightenment.

Yes, I want it to be remembered: It is difficult to be enlightened, but enlightenment is not the end. One has to transcend enlightenment too. Then one is completely free. Enlightenment helps one to be free from every other bondage, but then one becomes dependent on enlightenment. The real enlightened person transcends it, and he becomes again simple, ordinary, with no idea of any holiness, no idea of meditation, no idea about anything. He lives moment to moment, joyously.

It is good that you trust me unconditionally. Trust can only be unconditional. Belief is always conditional. A better argument, and your belief can be destroyed. But your trust is unconditional, nothing can destroy it. If there is a condition, then it is easy to argue and prove that the condition is wrong, that the condition has loopholes. And when you see that in your condition there are loopholes, your belief falls down.

Trust has to be intrinsically unconditional; hence, nobody can argue against my people. My people are not believers. They have known something far deeper and far higher: they have tasted the juice of trust.

You are fortunate. Don’t be worried that you don’t believe in me. I don’t want you to believe in me! And what you are feeling, an unconditional trust, is what is needed between me and you.

Belief is a barrier. Trust is a bridge.

So rejoice, and forget all about beliefs. Anyway you cannot believe because I am going to contradict myself.

When I was talking to the Dutch journalist, he was worried. He loves me, he has been here before at celebrations, he has been reading my books. He himself has paid his fare, because the editor was not ready to pay the fare. The editor is ready to publish whatsoever the journalist writes, but he was not ready to pay the fare from Holland to here. The journalist has paid it himself.

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