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Chapter 30: Doubt Is My Fundamental Teaching

In Europe there are some rumors in the last few days that you would leave Oregon, probably to Australia. Is it true?

I was just joking with an Australian journalist. Nothing.no rumors.

You will stay in Oregon?

I am going to stay here.

For how long?

Till I get the green card. If they give me the green card I may go. If they don’t give it to me, then alive I am not going anywhere.

Do you trust these new people on the top of the commune?

Perfectly. I even trusted those people, and I trust them even now. To err is human; it is nothing very important. And my trust is unconditional. It does not depend what you do and what you don’t do. I trust your being, your very existence. I certainly trust the new people. Now, without my trust, without my love, my commune is not going to choose anybody.

So you don’t feel hurt?

No. Not at all. There is nothing to feel hurt about. I just feel excited.

Thank you.

Good. Great.