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Chapter 10: When the Heart Is Ready the Guest Comes

To me one of the most tragic falls of man today is his valuing all the wrong things. Somewhere in the collective unconscious there must be some idea of wanting all the most beautiful things of life for free - and paying hugely for all the unessentials. We worship the words of football players, movie stars and politicians, with no appreciation whatsoever for wisdom.
This situation is so pitiful: how can one understand the beauty of cosmic payment circling back to the source when we will remain in such poverty?
Would you please bring light to these blocks that man has agreed upon, buried in the unconscious?

The real values are not buried in the unconscious - the real values are revealed when you move above consciousness to the super-consciousness.

What is buried in the unconscious is what is making man’s life so stupid: he may pay attention to a football player’s words, an actor’s words, and will not heed the words of the wise.

Unconsciousness is the basement of the mind. In your unconscious many things are buried which find expression through your conscious. For example, millions of people watch boxing or football matches and really get excited; and they never think about what they are watching. In boxing they are watching sheer violence. But there is enjoyment; this is the expression of hidden violence in you.

Society has managed man with an absolutely wrong strategy. The idea of the society has been, that if something is thrown into the basement, into the darkness of the unconscious, you are finished with it. That is not the case. You are not finished with it. It will come up in different form - and with a vengeance. And it will go on collecting.

A small anger is not much to be worried about; it comes and goes. But if you go on suppressing anger, there comes a point when it becomes like a volcano which is just going to burst - at any excuse.

Suppression has been the way, for the whole history, to keep man civilized - but in fact, it has been the cause of keeping man only superficially civilized, skin-deep civilized. Just scratch anybody a little and you will find the barbarous, the primitive, the animal, all hidden behind him.

All your games are, in a subtle way, a satisfaction of your desire to be victorious. In the movies you see violence, you see murder, you see rape - and any movie which has not murder, rape, seems to have no appeal. These are essential ingredients which attract humanity.

In the unconscious your desires are waiting to be satisfied, and this is a vicarious way of satisfying them. You become identified with the murderer or perhaps with the murdered. You become identified with the rapist or with the raped. And a little release happens. That is your joy in seeing a movie, reading a novel.

In California, at the University of California they have discovered that for one year continuously, whenever there was a boxing match, crime increased by fourteen percent over the normal rate during that week.

What happens? Things which were hidden.seeing violence in boxing, your own violence starts coming up - and that violence increases the crime rate by fourteen percent over the normal. For almost one week it remains, and then slowly it goes back down to normal.

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