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Chapter 66: A Buddha Is a Nobody

Now they have invented subliminal advertisements in films. As you watch a film, between two scenes, just for a fraction of a second, the advertisement will be flashed. You will not be able to read it, you will not even know what has happened. Simply watching the film, suddenly for a few seconds the advertisement will be there - but you will not be continuously aware of it.

Only two persons in a hundred can feel that something has happened. Only those who have very keen eyes can feel that something was in-between. Ninety-eight per cent will not feel it, but the unconscious has read it. It has entered you.

There was one experiment about it in an American film. They flashed a particular brand of cold drink on the screen, something new. Only two per cent of the people became aware that there was an advertisement, ninety-eight per cent were fully unaware, but in the interval many people went out and asked for the drink. They were not aware that there had been an advertisement because it had been so fast.

Hypnosis is all around. Education uses it, politics uses it, the market uses it - everyone is using it. And if you are not aware then you are a victim. Become aware. If you become aware, you can use it; not to hypnotize others, but to de-hypnotize yourself. And if you can become completely de-hypnotized, you are free, you are liberated.

And there is no conflict between meditation and hypnosis. The conflict is in the directions - the process is the same.