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Chapter 15: A Silent Shrine

If you follow the society, the society honors you. So the one, the negative character, becomes criminal, and the other, the positive character, becomes a respected gentleman. If the criminal goes on moving to the logical extreme, then he will become the devil. And if the gentleman goes on moving to the logical extreme, he will become the saint. The saint is one who is for the society, hence the society is for him. And the evil character is one who is not for the society, is only for himself - so the society is naturally against him. But there is one thing which is common to both: they are half. This has to be understood. This is one of the most important Sufi ideas: both are half, partial.

The saint has only the positive; he is missing the negative. That’s why you will find your saints very boring; you will find your saints very flat, dull. You will find that to live with your saints for even twenty-four hours will be a great ordeal. The saint will not have any joy, he will be sad. He will never do anything wrong, he will be always good, but he will not have any song to sing. He will not have any uniqueness about him. He will be just a type, a stereotype. He will not have any unique taste of his own, he will be a conformist. He will be almost dead because the positive is bound to be dead. Unless the negative goes on playing with it, there is no joy. Life is a warp and woof between the positive and the negative. You cannot make the saint whole. Hence Sufis will not say that the saint is holy - because he is not whole, he is half.

Half of him, the negative part, has been repressed, denied. All connections with the negative part have been cut. The negative is thrown into the unconscious dungeon. The saint has tried in every way not to be even aware of its existence. But it exists. There is no way to drop it. The only way to go beyond it is to absorb it, not to drop it. Let me repeat: the only way to go beyond it is to absorb it. But it needs great intelligence, it needs great understanding, wisdom, meditativeness, to transform the poison into elixir.

The negative is poisonous, but the poison can become medicinal in the right hands. The saint is a little stupid. You will find saints stupid, mediocre. They were not really intelligent people, otherwise they would have transformed their negative, they would have transformed all that is dangerous into a beautiful flowering. The saint will carry the negative in the unconscious.

So if you look through a window into the mind of a saint while he is asleep, you will be surprised. He’s doing things which you could not even have thought about him. In dreams the saint will become the negative. There will be a shift, a total shift, from the positive to the negative - because the negative also needs a little play, a little activity. So you will find that the dreams of the saints are very criminal. That’s why saints are very much afraid to sleep. They go on reducing their sleep because it is the only thing where they are without any control. The moment they fall asleep the control is lost. The conscious goes to sleep and the unconscious take possession, and the unconscious is the negative.

And they are very much afraid because in the unconscious are repressed sexuality, murderous instincts, anger, rage, hatred - all kinds of scorpions and snakes and poisonous beings. They all start bubbling up, surfacing. Saints are very much troubled by sleep, because sleep brings one fact home, and brings it home very clearly - that the unconscious or the negative has not been destroyed, it is still there. Saints have great nightmares.

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