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Chapter 2: Sublime Laziness

The superconscious, the conscious, the unconscious: these divisions exist because you have tried discipline, otherwise there is an indiscriminate consciousness inside you. There are no divisions. Freudians, Jungians, Adlerians, and other psychologists, talk as if these divisions were naturally there, as if they were part of the facticity of humanity. They are not right. The unconscious exists because man has repressed; the moment repression disappears, the unconscious also disappears. The unconscious is not a natural division of your consciousness. You have done something with your consciousness: you have forced many things inside your being which you don’t want to look at; you avoid, hence the creation of the unconscious.

A Buddha knows no unconscious. I don’t know any unconscious. All that is in me I am aware of, I allow it, it is in my vision; there is no dark basement where I go on throwing things. The basement starts existing only when you start repressing. Repression creates divisions, then you become more and more confined because you cannot look deeper: you are afraid, you cannot dare, you cannot afford to.the unconscious is created. Once the unconscious is created, then there is a small overlapping of the conscious and the unconscious; that is called the subconscious. The unconscious means complete darkness, the conscious means light. Of course, between this darkness and light there is an overlap, a small boundary, which is neither dark nor light: that is the subconscious.

These three divisions exist because of you, not because of nature. But psychologists go on talking as if they have found some natural division. There is no division at all. The moment you allow spontaneity to explode, your consciousness starts spreading. One day your whole being becomes light; there are no dark corners because there is nothing to hide. You stand nude to your own vision.nothing to hide, nothing to escape from, nothing to be afraid of - you have accepted yourself. In deep acceptance you become one.

Tao says that man has an undiscriminated consciousness. You cannot call it “the conscious,” you cannot call it “the unconscious,” you cannot call it “the subconscious,” because these divisions are really fabricated, man-made. When a child is born he has no unconscious, he has no conscious - he is indiscriminate, he is one. But immediately we start educating him, immediately we start training him: Be like this and don’t be like that; so whatsoever we deny, he has to reject. Those rejected parts go on piling up inside him and if he has to look at them it hurts - they are his own rejected parts - as if you had cut his limbs; it is painful to look at them, it is better to forget them. To forget seems to be the only way, and when you forget something that is inside you, the unconscious is created.

The unconscious disappears when you again become spontaneous like a child. The whole teaching of Tao is to be again like a child. It means to undo all that the society has done to you; it means to destroy, to dismantle, the structure that society has put around you; to claim your freedom again which is your birth-right; to be radically transformed; to go beyond the structure of the society, to go above. To go to nature against nurture: that’s what the message of Tao is.

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