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Chapter 9: Belief Is a Dead End

And she was my representative. She had all my authority. And my people love me, so in my name they were ready to do anything.

She started unconsciously taking advantage of the situation. She became addicted with power. Five thousand people following everything that she says because she is always saying it with my name, in my name.

And then she created the whole idea that this is a religion. She collected fewof my sentences from here and there - I have four hundred books - and she managed to compile a small book: Rajneeshism.

It is not my book. She has made it. I have not even read it.

But it’s excerpts of speeches or teachings that you have made, is that accurate?

I don’t know because even the name is against me. I have been always against isms, ideologies, religions. I want every individual to find his own truth. Nobody can deliver it to him. It is not a commodity.

No savior can save you, and there are no saviors. All are pretenders. There is no God and there are no messengers of God. This existence is complete in itself and man’s intelligence is existence’s greatest point of evolution. To destroy it by repressing through some faith, through some belief, is against humanity, against truth, and certainly against me.

But you have said that Christianity failed but that Rajneeshism was the first religion. And now it seems that it, too, has failed.

What I had said simply means that language is always a problem. It.you have to use the language that is available. When I was talking to the INS, I insisted that I would like to call my philosophy a religiousness, but they said, “That is difficult because we don’t have any category for religiousness. You can apply only under the category religion. We don’t have any category for religiousness.”

I explained to them that there is a difference. A religion is a fixed dogma, a fixed belief system. A religiousness is just a quality like love. It is not an organized thing. It has no priests, no priestesses. It is rebellion against all that destroys human reason.

But they said, “We cannot accept the application unless You use the word religion.”

It was just because of them. I said, “Okay. I will use the word religion just to fulfill to your stupid categories.”

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