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Chapter 8: Meditate a Little Bit

“Take this,” said the old storekeeper to the renunciates as he handed them a board lined with mink fur, with a small slit cut out in the middle which was also lined with fur.

“No way!” cried the men. “We know what that board is for and I tell you we are through with that kind of thing forever!”

But the wise old man slipped the board into one of the packs while they were not looking, and the men left.

Three years later one of the men returned to the old man’s sporting goods store.

“Well, hello!” cried the storekeeper. “Where is your partner?”

“Dead,” said the returning survivor.

“What happened?”

“I shot him.”

“But why?”

“Well,” said the man, “I caught him in bed with my board.”

It is not a question of the wife - even a board will do: “My board!.” It is a question of the ego, and the ego exists only when you live in an unconsciousness, in a darkness. The ego exists only in the dark night of the soul.

Bring a little light inside. Meditate a little bit. Sit silently, doing nothing, looking inwards. In the beginning you will find only rubbish. Don’t be worried - go on looking. Within three to nine months the rubbish will be gone, and a silence will start dawning on you and a stillness will arise.

In that stillness you will become aware of yourself and of the whole that surrounds you. That state is samadhi, and to know it is to know all, to be it is to be all.

Enough for today.