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Chapter 3: There Is Nothing like Lust

But have you ever looked at people who have money? They are not dancing, they are not celebrating. They don’t look happy. It is possible that sometimes you may come across a beggar who looks happy, but it is impossible to come across a rich man who looks happy. It is almost impossible to find a rich man who is happy. Because the beggar can still dream, that’s why he can be happy. The beggar can still hope, that’s why he can still be happy. He can believe that tomorrow things will be better, or the day after tomorrow things are going to be better.

There is future for the beggar, but for a rich man the whole future has disappeared. He has attained whatsoever he wanted to attain, and there is nothing in it. When the money is piled up he suddenly feels frustrated. Whatsoever he was seeing in the money, now he can no longer find in it. That dream has disappeared.

Man continuously dreams for power, prestige, respectability, and whenever he gets it, there is frustration. The happiest people are those who never attain to their desires. The unhappiest people are those who have succeeded in attaining their desires - then there is frustration.

The nature of desire is dreaming, and you can dream only when things are not there. You can dream about the neighbor’s wife - how can you dream about your own wife? Have you ever dreamed about your own wife? It never happens. You can dream about somebody else’s wife. He may be dreaming about your wife. Whatsoever is far away looks beautiful. Come closer, and things start changing. Reality is very shattering.

Buddha says that to be aware means not to dream, to be aware means to drop this unconscious sleep in which we live ordinarily. We are somnambulists, sleepwalkers. We go on living, but our living is very superficial. Deep down there are dreams and dreams and dreams. An undercurrent of dreaming goes on - and that undercurrent goes on corrupting our vision. That undercurrent of dreaming goes on making our eyes cloudy. That undercurrent of dreams goes on making our heads muddled.

A person who lives in a sort of sleep can never be intelligent - and awareness is the purest flame of intelligence. A man who lives in sleep becomes more and more stupid. If you live in stupor, you will become stupid, you will become dull.

This dullness has to be destroyed. And it can be destroyed only by becoming more aware. Walk with more awareness. Eat with more awareness. Talk with more awareness. Listen with more awareness.

I have heard:

Once there was a mother monkey who had a philosophic turn of mind. This would make her forgetful and often inattentive to her baby, whose name was Charles. Like many modern mothers, she just did not take enough care, distracted as she was by her thoughts. Nevertheless, she went through the routine as her mother had done before her, but not in the same spirit. She just hitched him on her back and absently scaled the palms. So there it was. And as she rummaged amongst the more middling nuts, revolving matters in her mind, baby just slipped off, with all his young life before him too.

On the way down, Charles, who also tended to brood, called up, “Mother, why are we here?”

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