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Chapter 1: The Master Thief Sound

But he will be lost in the world. Perhaps once in a while somebody comes back to his childhood again. My effort is to bring you back to your innocent childhood again. What you have not done in your first birth you can do in your second.

After I have gone from here tonight, everybody has to take seven steps and declare to the whole world, “I am the most enlightened person!” Try it, and you will really rejoice. And you will never fall back again into the old ignorance and start looking for how to become enlightened. Finish it tonight!

And you are asking how one can recognize if one has not realized. It is a question like if you are given a rotten egg in a restaurant and you say, “This is rotten.” And the manager comes and says, “Are you a hen? Have you ever produced an egg? If you have never produced an egg, on what authority are you saying that this is rotten?”

There is no need. You can recognize things which you may not have consciously realized, but which must be an undercurrent of realization within you. Except that there is no other way. How do you realize when you fall in love that it is love? Certainly somewhere deep inside you there must be a hidden corner that already knows what love is. How do you recognize when you see a roseflower and say it is beautiful? Have you ever seen beauty? Have you ever realized what beauty is? But certainly you recognize that the rose is beautiful. I am simply saying that there must be a certain realization in your being about beauty, about truth, about the ultimate sound of existence. That’s what makes you recognize.

You are much more than you think you are.

You are not what all the religions have made you - sinners, condemned, just sitting in the waiting room for the train to take you to hell. And the waiting room itself is giving you enough experience of hell!

The word sin is used by all the religions without paying attention to the root meaning of the word. The root meaning of the word is to forget. It has nothing to do with morality, it has nothing to do with your good actions or bad actions; it has something to do with forgetting who you are. And if you have forgotten, you can remember.

Gautam Buddha continually says to his disciples, “It is not a question of realization, it is only a question of remembering. What you have forgotten you have with you”.just a little search in all your pockets - also in the pockets which you are keeping secret even to yourself.

I have told you the story of Mulla Nasruddin.He is traveling in a train and a ticket checker comes, and Mulla looks into everything for his ticket. He opens all his suitcases and bags and creates so much fuss that almost half of the passengers have to move to make space for all his things that he is taking out to look for the ticket.

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