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Chapter 48: The Potentiality of the Seed

So they were playing a trick. They were creating a dilemma - a logical dilemma. Whatsoever Jesus would have said, he would be trapped. But you cannot trap an enlightened man, it is impossible. It is impossible, and the more you try to trap him you will get trapped with him. So Jesus said, “The scripture is absolutely correct. But come forwards only those who have never sinned. Take these stones in your hands and murder this woman, but only those who have never sinned.” The crowd started disappearing. Those who were standing in front went back - because who will stone this woman?

But they became enemies of Jesus. And when I say “they,” I mean you. You have always been here. You cannot recognize, you cannot see. You are blind! That is why you always feel that the world is bad and there is no enlightenment - that everyone is pathological. It is not so, but you can only see pathology because you are pathological. You can understand illness because you are ill. You cannot understand health because you have never been healthy. The language of health simply escapes you.

I have heard about one Jewish mystic, Baal Shem. Someone came and asked Baal Shem, “Which is more significant, which is more valuable - wealth or wisdom?”

The man was asking the question for a reason, so Baal Shem laughed and said, “Of course, wisdom is more significant, more valuable.”

Then the man said, “Then, Baal Shem, the second question: I always see you, the wise man, waiting on the wealthy. You always go to rich people’s houses. I have never seen any wealthy man waiting on you, the wise one, and you say that wisdom is more valuable than wealth. Then explain this phenomenon to me.”

Baal Shem laughed and said, “Yes, wise men go to the wealthy ones because they are wise and they know the value of wealth, and the wealthy ones are just wealthy - simply wealthy and nothing else - and they cannot understand the value of wisdom. Of course, I go - because I understand the value of wealth. And those poor idiots? They are just wealthy - nothing else. They cannot understand the value of wisdom, so they never come to me.”

If you see a saint going to a palace, you will say, “Okay! This man is not the saint.” It is finished because you look through your own eyes. Wealth has meaning for you. You can only follow a saint who renounces wealth because you are wealth obsessed. You look through you, and whatsoever you say is more about you than about anyone else. It is always about you; you are the reference. When you say that Buddha is not enlightened, you don’t mean that. You simply mean, “For me he does not look enlightened.”

But who are you? And does his enlightenment depend in any way on your attitude, your approach, your standpoint? You have fixed categories of thought and you go on using them. To you pathology is recognizable, but enlightenment is not. And you cannot understand that which is higher than you - remember. You can only understand that which is lower than you or at the most on the same level. You cannot understand the higher, that is impossible. To understand the higher you will have to move higher. You can understand the lower.

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