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Chapter 23: I Stand for the Whole Man

Would you like to comment on the differences between being withdrawn, being introverted and turning in?

Western psychology has created a very schizophrenic situation by dividing man into extroverts and introverts. Man is one. This division has been destructive of all humanity and its whole past.

The moment you divide any organic unity, it dies. You can divide only mechanical entities but not organic ones. You can take a bicycle apart and you can put it together again and you will not lose anything. But if you take a man apart and put him together again you won’t have the same man you had divided; you will have only a corpse.

It is of utmost importance to understand that organic unities cannot be divided - neither into higher and lower, nor into outer and inner, nor into sacred and mundane, nor into material and spiritual.

Man is all. What appears to be contradictory is only complementary, to those who understand. Your question raises great implications.

Just a few days ago one Japanese scientist was here to attend a world science conference. He became aware about me only at the last moment, but before rushing to the airport he came here. He had not more than fifteen minutes, and I was asleep. He wrote a letter stating many important things: the first one was that nobody understands him. He has been around the earth in search of a man who can understand him.

Looking at his letter I could not contain myself from laughing.because this is a much lower stage, when nobody understands you. I have also been around the world - everybody misunderstands me.

I have invited the scientist, his name is Fukuoka.

(Somebody giggles at the name, and the joke becomes contagious. The master, poker-faced, waits for it to subside.)

.You can laugh in English, but not in Japanese!

I have written to him, saying, “Most of the things that you are saying cannot be understood because you yourself don’t understand that they are based on a dual conception of reality. On one hand you condemn the famous philosopher Descartes, saying that he is responsible for dividing science from religion, and his division has created tremendous trouble for the whole humanity..”

I can understand. But Fukuoka himself goes on continuously talking in his letter about the inner man and the outer man.

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